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Posted by Barry Reid on Dec 9th 2020

Over the years we have received thousands of letters from inmates concerning what they were going to do when they "get out.” Most want to start life over in some way, but they often don’t have practical solutions. They fear the system is stacked against them and that their real preferences are out of reach. We say real freedom is possible, but only if you make it profitable for yourself—and keep it legal. Consider the options inmates typically face before release. They aren’t exactly exciting, desirable, or encouraging:

  1. You get out on parole and are expected to "get a job.” These days there are increasing numbers of jobs, but good luck getting one with "a record.” Even if you do get a job, it may pay so little you wonder if prison wasn’t somehow better.
  2. You get out, but friends and family don’t want to know you anymore. Even if they "take you in,” they may treat you with little respect and hold negative attitudes about you. You become almost a stranger to them.
  3. You get out, and by some miracle you are allowed to participate in a rehabilitation program designed to "make you a better person.” Your activities and choices might be as controlled as they were in prison, and you will definitely be "watched.”
  4. You get out, and all doors seem closed except those of former (criminal) associates. You believe this time you can pull off a better score because you’ve been planning it for years. Maybe, but more likely the odds will be against you—busted, back to the joint with a new number, and possibly a "third strike.” Yikes. No thanks!

Faced with these depressing options, what WILL you do when you get out? We know that thoughtful inmates like you want independence. You want to be free of restrictions on your time and activities. To achieve this, however, you must be in control of your own life. This means that you must be able to support yourself without having to rely on others, and avoid people who threaten your freedom. How can you do this?

Our answer is simple: You must find a way to earn money on your own by being in business for yourself.

Do you hear the Doubters and Naysayers?

"I’ll need to get a loan.”

"Ex-cons can’t do that.”

"I don’t have any business experience.”

"I don’t know what kind of business I would like.”

"There’s probably too much competition.”

"Local law enforcement would give me a rough time.”

"I could never save up enough money to get started.”

"People won’t do business with an ex-con.”

More Whine, anyone?

Henry Ford used to say, "If you think you can, you may be wrong. But if you think you can’t, you’re always right.” ALL successful business people have failures, but they don’t quit. ALL baseball players strike out more times than they score, but they stay in the game. You must believe you can succeed on your own.

Your belief must be strong enough to motivate you to start planning what business might best suit your abilities and interests. You have time to consider many possibilities. You can think about how to get the business started, and how to promote it successfully. The excitement of being your own boss should stimulate you to research and learn all you can about business ahead of time. Again, you have the time to do this!

Here is where we come in. Eden Press publishes over 400 plans for small businesses that are designed for one person to start on his own. These profitable plans are especially attractive to anyone "starting over in life” because they need mainly your own determination. Almost all our business plans give you these built-in advantages:

  • Most require little money to get started. Many require none.
  • Most require no business license.
  • Most can be run from home or a small space.
  • They can be operated from anywhere.
  • No government "red tape” to prevent starting these businesses.
  • No bank loan or credit check is required.
  • No "up front” money needed. A "criminal record” is no problem.
  • Successful, low-budget advertising can be created.
  • Free marketing and publicity are available to attract customers.
  • BEST OF ALL, these are CASH businesses that can pay every day.

Having your own business may not be your cup of tea, but it offers the best way to enjoy the advantages you want in life. Your happy customers are your "boss.” You will always be in control with personal freedom and financial success. This is true independence. Isn’t this what you want?

Check out our Privacy Catalog for ideas that can work for YOU! All you need is an idea you can use to make an independent income, or as some entrepreneurs say, "Get a pony that can win a race!” Most important: don’t be a cynic about new ideas, that is, someone who knows the price of everything, but the value of nothing. Not good thinking. We wish all our inmate friends successful days and lives ahead.

Barry Reid, Publisher
EDEN PRESS, P.O. Box 8410, Fountain Valley, CA 92728