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History of Eden Press

Reaction to the idiocy of the Vietnam War impelled us to start Eden Press in 1971. Good friends were being forced to go die for people who didn't care to fight for themselves. Twenty-five years before then-Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, finally admitted that Vietnam was a "mistake," we decided to help those who chose to opt out of "serving" their country.

We published the first-ever book on changing identity, The Paper Trip

The original 24-page booklet became an underground classic thanks to numerous ads in counter-culture newspapers, especially the old Los Angeles Free Press. Young men could now return from "exile" in Canada or evade the draft boards all together by using methods detailed in The Paper Trip.

The need for new identity and related solutions for "starting life over" proved greater than we could have ever anticipated. Hundreds of other helpful books and updated revisions now make Eden Press a recognized authority. With our publications individuals can live more freely-without government help or interference.

If YOU want to live life on your own terms, our books have answers for you.

Thank you for your interest in our publications.

Barry Reid,