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The End of the Trail.

The End of the Trail.

SKU: 599D
For the bang-up last of the Bye-Bye Big Brother Reports, you must read the incredible real-life story of “Johnny Yellow Moon,” an early victim of Big Brother.

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Pages: 15
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He escaped and prospered using PT techniques and attitudes still valid today. A native Blackhawk Indian, he was part of Bill Cody’s “Wild West Show.” He made an independent fortune, was the model for the “Indian head” nickel, as well as the model for the lonely, exhausted American Indian in the iconic, world-famous James Fraser sculpture, “End of the Trail.” Great, inspiring reading. A role model for you! If this report doesn't get you off your butt, nothing will. A summary of everything the PT needs to know. And best of all, it's all true.

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