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Instant Cash - How to Get Free Money

Instant Cash - How to Get Free Money

SKU: 931D
There are thousands of sources of free money, but they don't just "give it away."

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Pages: 120
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Product Details
Foundations of all kinds, both public and private, willingly provide free grants for projects or purposes they choose to support. If you want some of their money you have to do two things:
  1. Find out what organization would be most interested, and,
  2. Prepare a grant proposal that they will accept and fund.
INSTANT CASH instructs you in all the fine points of preparing a winning grant proposal, with typical samples. INSTANT CASH also, provides extensive listings of both public and private grant sources with addresses, phone numbers, contacts, etc. If you have a worthy idea or project that would benefit from outside financial help, here's a great way to get it FREE. This book will WORK for you!

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