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Last Chance Guide to Financial Success: Raise $200,000 in 24 Hours

Last Chance Guide to Financial Success: Raise $200,000 in 24 Hours

SKU: 622D
This method of raising capital is entirely legal and is used every day by companies and individuals alike.

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Pages: 50
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Product Details
You can be deeply in debt, even dead broke, have bad credit and still use this "millionaire" secret to raise huge sums of money in only 24 hours. And there are even more Insider financial secrets in this revealing book:
  • Own your own million dollar corporation in only four weeks.
  • Establish A-1 credit in as little as 45 days.
  • How to raise up to $50,000 with your credit cards alone.
  • How to add $100,000 to a balance sheet for less than $50.
  • How to take over going businesses with zero cash.
  • How to raise tremendous sums of cash--up to $50 million.
  • The eight money rules of J. Paul Getty.
Plus a bonus section which lists over 100 financial sources of capital for real estate new venture financing, business expansion, and personal use. Here's an amazing collection of financial possibilities within the grasp of anyone with enough desire to put them into action.

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