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Private Intelligence Secrets

Private Intelligence Secrets

SKU: 677
Have you ever wondered how to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition? How to avoid investigators, lawyers, criminals, nosy neighbors and others who would like to take away your freedom, money, property? How to become "unavailable" to those who want to invade your privacy? More details...
Pages: 98
Price: $20.00

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Product Details
PRIVATE INTELLIGENCE SECRETS has some answers for you!
  • Find out a person's bank balance.
  • Use IRS investigation methods.
  • Get a non traceable credit card from Switzerland.
  • Detect a two way mirror.
  • Read burned documents that have turned to ash.
  • Open locks with homemade tools.
  • Spot "bad" checks instantly.
  • Open any sealed envelope with a chemical, even if taped, undetected.
  • Detect liars through their gestures.
  • Legally bind anyone to a secret.
  • Conduct both stationary and mobile surveillance.
  • Find missing persons anywhere.
Here is a compilation of the finest tricks of the trade contributed by over 100 intelligence agents, presented in an uncensored form. This authoritative book can help you dominate practically any situation.

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