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Be Your Own Detective

Be Your Own Detective

SKU: 735
Use public records to get the dirt on just about anyone. This all-new 300- page book tells you where to go to find out everything you want to know—fast. Databases of all kinds can be quickly accessed in person or online. More details...
Pages: 300
Price: $40.00

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Product Details
Uncover background information and personal records in all these important areas:
• Criminal records
• Lawsuits
• Prenuptial
• Divorces
• Restraining orders • Accidents
• Cars • Police
• Fire
• Real estate
• Corporations
• Licenses
• Judgments.

You can also discover politicians’ holdings, donors, and decisions, as well as failing schools, teachers, and local sex offenders. Years of the author’s professional experience show how to protect the innocent, but also learn about those whose records and habits should be avoided. His dozens of real-life examples illustrate how you can do the same. Be your own detective!

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