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Over the years many readers have told us they wanted to "start life over.” Different personal and economic problems had become so overwhelming, they wanted to know how they could "escape.” Here are typical situations these readers were confronting:

•    Jobs had disappeared or moved away.
•    Better jobs were unavailable due to insufficient education.
•    Negative personal records put limits on credit, insurance, even housing.
•    Older workers could no longer find new jobs.
•    Retirees saw investment income decline.
•    Education was no longer a guarantee of successful employment.
•    Student loan debt was crushing any hope home ownership.

Faced with these depressing realities, what can you do? CAN you escape into a better life? And what would that better life be like? We believe the answer is simple. A better life would provide you with both INDEPENDENCE and FINANCIAL SUCCESS.

But to achieve these goals you will have to be in control of your own life. This means that you must be able to support yourself without having to rely on others. How can you do this? Again, our answer is very simple and very direct. You must find a way to BE IN BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF. Your business will be under your ownership and control. Its income will support you, and its profits will provide security and growth. Before we say more, however, please know that we’ve already heard all the excuses for not going into business for yourself:

"I’d need to get a loan.  I could never save up enough money to get started. I wouldn’t have enough time.  I don’t know what kind of business I would like. I don’t have any business experience. There’s probably too much competition. Government agencies, unions, banks, even my relatives will give me a rough time.”

The great Henry Ford used to say, "If you think you can, you may be wrong. But if you think you can’t, you’re always right.”  Applying this wisdom to everyday life we know that all successful business people have had failures, but they don’t quit. We know that baseball players strike out more times than they score, but they still stay in the game. We all experience failures and disappointments, but they don’t have to keep us from new efforts to succeed. You must believe you can succeed.

Your belief must be strong enough to consider what business will suit your abilities and interests. Take time to consider many possibilities. The excitement of becoming your own boss will lead you to research many different businesses. If you look for ideas and answers, you will find them.

Here is where we come in. Eden Press publishes over 400 plans for small businesses that are designed for one person to start on his own. These profitable plans are especially attractive to anyone "starting over in life” because they need mainly your own determination. Almost all our business plans give you these valuable built-in advantages:

•    Most require little money to get started. Many require none.
•    Most can be run from home or a small space.
•    They can be operated from anywhere.
•    No government "red tape” to prevent starting these businesses.
•    No bank loan or credit check is required.
•    No special education, diplomas or training is required.
•    Successful, low-budget advertising can be created.
•    Free marketing and publicity are available to attract customers.
•    BEST OF ALL, most are CASH businesses that pay you every day.

Having your own business offers the independence and financial rewards you need. Your happy customers will be your "boss.” With the personal freedom and financial success from your own business you will be able to "start life over.”

Our hundreds of business plans are featured on our website and in our print catalog which is always available on request. They can be ordered in either print or download. We hope you find a business plan ideal for your own interest and abilities. As they say, "If you like what you’re doing, it isn’t really work!” We wish you the best of success in whatever venture you choose.

Barry Reid, Publisher