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PT: The Perpetual Traveler

PT: The Perpetual Traveler

SKU: 916
The ultimate way to avoid government control of your life and your property is to become invisible. More details...
Pages: 274
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Ideally, you should never "belong" to any one government. Big Brother should never know who your are, where you live, how you make your money, where you keep your assets, and perhaps most important, where you like to "play."

The philosophy behind these ideals is to become a "PT," that is, a Perpetual Tourist, Parked Temporarily, a Prior Taxpayer who is now a Possibility Thinker and Prepared Thoroughly for the future. To succeed as a PT you will compartmentalize your life under these FIVE FLAGS:
  1. Passport and Citizenship. Any country unconcerned about activities of its offshore citizens. Definitely NOT your present home country.
  2. Business Base. Places where you actually make your money. Again, different from your personal fiscal domicile.
  3. Domicile. A tax haven with good communication where wealthy, productive people can be creative and enjoy prosperity with bank secrecy and little threat of social unrest
  4. Asset Haven. A place from which assets, securities, and business affairs can be managed anonymously, by proxy.
  5. Playgrounds. Places where you actually spend your time, enjoying life to the fullest.
Over 350 pages of possibilities to raise your own Five Flags and become a PT. Multi-millionaire author, Dr. W.G. Hill, details with fascinating case histories and personal anecdotes how he has made-and keeps-both his freedom and his money. Dr. W. G. Hill

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