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The Big Book of Secret Hiding Places

The Big Book of Secret Hiding Places

SKU: 632
This new book is by far the most detailed and complete description of concealment of physical objects ever printed. More details...
Pages: 128
Price: $20.00

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Product Details
Here's how to hide your possessions so they just won't be found. Topics covered:
  • Hiding places in the home.
  • Hiding places on your person.
  • Hiding places in automobiles.
  • Types and intensity of searches.
  • Tools and techniques used by searchers.
  • Two sure ways to foil dogs.
  • Things to consider when choosing hiding places.
  • Tools needed for the job.Concealing weapons.
  • How much work is involved.
So what do you have to hide? There are four basic categories of items people like to hide: Illegal items, survival gear, secret items, and very valuable items. We ALL have something to hide, or would like to hide, which is why this comprehensive new book is so very useful. More than 100 illustrations.
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